Up coming season!!!

Sitting here, looking outside at three feet of snow on the ground it’s hard to believe pitcher’s and catcher’s report in just five days. I am excited about this year’s team, it’s pretty much the same as last years, and we all know how that turned out, so close!!! anyway I have alot of doubts about the Yankees being the best in the division, this season is no different than any other, The Yankees, as they always do, sign the most expensive players and all, trying to buy a championship. I am glad we didn’t get Teixeira, Youk and Lowell will be fine with me. Joe Girardi is no Joe Torre and is not going to get this team to win the division.

The Ray’s on the other hand have me worried, if they can duplicate last year,Watch out!! but I think the sox will be better with the Ray’s playing such good baseball.